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Newmills Primary School, Dungannon


It is the policy of the Board of Governors of Newmills Primary School that all pupils will receive their full entitlement under the Northern Ireland Curriculum and the school will go beyond that entitlement in areas where there are particular abilities among staff. We expect the best for and from every child, every member of staff and all who visit or use the school from an academic, social or personal standpoint. 



In Newmills Primary School we aim to provide a welcoming, attractive and stimulating environment which supports pupils' learning and which celebrates their academic and non-academic achievements. Within this bright and cheerful environment it is the education of the whole child that is of paramount importance. We will provide learning situations within the school environment, which encourage children to be confident, hard working, self disciplined and caring. If such attitudes are fostered from enrolment, then we hope they will be carried forward into secondary education and adult life making life long learners.

We see the values which permeate all aspects of school as follows: 
  • To be absolutely fair and just in all aspects of life 
  • To be compassionate and caring with everyone 
  • To be courteous to everyone at all times 
  • To be respectful of human differences and attend to them 
  • To believe in our school, our children and ourselves 
  • To respect different learning styles and encourage them 
  • To value others as we value ourselves 
  • To respect other cultures as we respect our own 

Thus we aim to help our pupils;

  • to develop as confident, disciplined and enquiring learners, able to make informed choices and decisions. 
  • to enjoy reading and to develop a confidence with language which will enable them to communicate effectively with others. 
  • to develop the skills and knowledge of mathematics to enable them to cope confidently with everyday situations 
  • to know and understand their world through scientific, historical, geographical and religious inquiry and to come to an    understanding of their responsibilities to care for the environment 
  • to develop practical, creative, artistic and physical skills 

Statutory Curriculum

In Newmills Primary School, the curriculum involves all of the learning experiences offered to pupils in terms of curricular and extra-curricular provision. It includes the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each pupil under our care. Children have opportunities to study all of the areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, which include, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding, The World Around Us, The Arts, Physical Education and Religious Education. The Cross-Curricular Skills of ‘Communication’, ‘Using Mathematics’ and ‘Using ICT’, along with Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities, as well as Assessment for Learning, are being developed as part of the school’s work on curriculum development.